Our Capabilities

Plant list

CNC Multi-tasking Machine

  • 1 x Mazak Integrex i300s 1500mm Bed (Universal) Twin Spindle. X=615mm Y=250mm – Z=1585mm – W=1574mm
  • 1 x Mazak Integrex i300 1500mm Bed (Universal). X=615mm Y=250mm – Z=1585mm – W=1574mm

CNC Turning

  • 1 x Doosan Puma 700LM Mill/Drill – Max Swing 1030mm, Max Turn Dia 900mm, 3200mm Max Turn Length, 6.3 tonne max weight
  • 2 x Victor V-Turn 46-Swing 850mm or 550mm Over Bed, 1700mm Between Centres
  • 1 x Victor V-Turn 40-Swing 800mm or 520mm Over Bed, 2200mm Between Centres
  • 1 x Doosan Puma 400 Max Swing 700mm, Max Turn Dia 560mm, 2000mm Max Turn Length
  • 2 x Victor V-Turn 36-Swing 700mm or 450mm Over Bed, 1500mm Between Centres
  • 1 x Doosan Puma 3100M Mill/Drill Max Swing 850mm, Max Turn Dia 420mm, 790mm Max Turn Length
  • 1 x Doosan Puma 2600LMB Mill/Drill Max Swing 480mm, Max Turn Dia 376mm, 1245mm Max Turn Length 
  • 2 x DMG Mori NLX 2500Y/700 with Sub spindle and Y Axis Milling. Max Turn Dia 366mm, Max Turn Length 705mm 
  • 2 x DMG Mori NLX 2000Y/500 with Y Axis Milling & Bar Feed. Max Turn Dia 348mm, Max Turn Length 510mm 
  • 1 x XYZ Pro-Turn SLX555 Swing Over Bed 560mm x 1750mm
  • 1 x XYZ Pro-Turn SLX425 Swing Over Bed 560mm x 1250mm
  • 1 x XYZ 250TC Dia 250mm x 234mm Travel
  • 1 x XYZ 200TC Dia 200mm x 350mm Travel

CNC Milling

  • 1 x Mazak VTC800/30 SR 5 Axis, Table Working Capacity X=3500mm, Y=820mm, Z=720mm
  • 1 x DMG DMF180/7 5 Axis X=1800mm Y=700mm Z=700mm
  • 1 x XYZ 3010 VMC Travel X=3000mm Y=1000mm Z=800mm with 4th Axis
  • 2 x DMG Mori 1450 V Series Travel X=1450mm – Y=700mm – Z=550mm with 4th Axis
  • 1 x Doosan DNM 750L II 1450 Travel X=2160mm – Y=762mm – Z=650mm with 4th Axis
  • 3 x XYZ 1510 VMC Travel X=1500mm Y=600mm Z=600mm with 4th Axis
  • 2 x XYZ 1020 VMC Travel X=1020mm Y=520mm Z=546mm with 4th Axis
  • 2 x XYZ 710 VMC Travel X=710mm Y=500mm Z=450mm with 4th Axis

Pro Milling

  • 2 XYZ SMX SLV 3000 CNC Milling Machine

Centre Lathe

  • 1 x Colchester Triumph 2500 830mm x 160mm or Dia 350mm x 1500mm

Inspection Equipment

  • 2 x Mitutoyo CNC CMM Crysta – Apex S122010:- X=1200mm, Y= 2000mm, Z= 1000mm
  • 1 x Mitutoyo CMM Crysta Plus – S9108:- X= 900mm, Y= 1000mm, Z= 800mm
  • 1 x Mitutoyo CNC CMM Crysta Apex S574:- X= 500mm, Y= 700mm, Z= 400mm
  • 1 x Aberlink Xtreme CMM :- X= 300mm, Y= 300mm, Z= 200mm
  • 1 x Baty R400 Horizontal Profile Projector
  • 1 x Future-Tech FR-X1L Digital/Motorised Material Hardness Tester (Rockwell/Brinel)
  • 1 x Gagemaker System with MicTrack
  • 2 x Mitutoyo Surface Finish Tester
  • 5 x Mitutoyo LH600-E Digital Linear Height Gauge
  • 1 x Jib Crane SWL 1.00 Tonne

Traceability and Identification

  • 2 x ProPen P5000 Engraving Machine
  • 1 x DP4500 Rotary Axis
  • 1 x Electrox Laser Marking Machine

Production Support Equipment

  • Overhead Crane to cover Heavy Machine Production Area 20 metres x 36 metres SWL x 6.3 Tonne
  • 4 x Jib Cranes SWL 1.25 Tonne to cover Small machine sections
  • GibbsCam CAD 3D Solid Works & Tool Simulation Programme.
  • Autodesk Featurecam CAD/CAM Software
  • Turbex CL800 Spray Wash Parts Degreaser Washing Machine
  • Waytrain WH360AE Twin Column Vice Feed Automatic Bandsaw
  • Ultrawave IND5040D Ultrasonic Bath
  • 1 x Starrett HB400 Horizontal Profile Projector