Quality Management System and Business Certifications

Chirton Engineering work to a strict certification on all processes to ensure we maintain our ISO 9001certification.

Our dedicated Quality, Health, Safety and Environment manager, temperature controlled inspection room, five CNC CMM’s and hardness and surface testers are just a few examples of the steps we have taken to ensure these high quality standards are maintained.

As part of our ongoing work to become more sustainable we have recently delivered on a wide range of initiatives. These have included the establishment of a proactive Green Team, switching from single use cleaning cloths to reusable cloths and the installation of voltage optimisers. We are actively working on the reduction of our carbon footprint and minimising our environmental impact.

We are also certified to ISO 14001 (environmental management) and ISO 45001 (occupational health and safety).

Over recent years we also have increased capital investment in continuous improvement initiatives. As part of our focus of eliminating waste, through lean production, we have trained numerous staff in lean production methods. This is core to our ongoing continuous improvement initiatives. We have also extended our suite of digital tools by implementing advanced scheduling and monitoring software to speed up and optimise our manufacturing processes.

Our next step is certification of AS9100, which we are already underway with.

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Management System Certifications

ISO 9001

We work to recognised industry standards to ensure our quality management system is approved and reflects our focus on continuous improvement.

ISO 45001 / ISO 14001

We operate a dual certificated system to manage our environmental and safety activities.

Cyber Essentials

To protect our business, and assure our customers, we have achieved the Cyber Essentials Plus Certificate Of Assurance for our IT infrastructure and practices.

Fit 4 Nuclear

As part of our ongoing commitment to the nuclear sector, we have become Fit 4 Nuclear certified.